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Published, finally.

March 3, 2009

Sunday me and my family went out for a meal out we went to Nandos, yum. On Monday had liquid nitrogen sprayed up my nose, ergh. It was to remove a wart. And just now back from a college interview, ooh, went well. Watching Scrubs now, how did I live without it, Scrubs and Freeview.

On another note, 10 weeks of working my arse off, and then it’s over! You have no idea how yay that makes me feel! 😀

Happy Birthday Shriti.



February 23, 2009

Starting a blog, again (again) today is my first day back at college. I love having a routine again, today I missed half of sociology because I still (after six years) do not know school times. I’ve got English later but for now Friends, ice cream and wotsits.

We didn’t have English, well we did but we had it third, not fifth so I missed it. Ah well, I know I should care more but failing twice doesn’t really make you want to do a subject anymore. Later on, as usual I decided I’d have a nap. Not good, sleeping for three in the middle of the day means around three hours less sleep tonight.