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Second Blog

February 26, 2009

Okay so blogging, I haven’t done that much recently and only because I prefer to blog on my iPod and I’m always forgetting to charge it. So these last few days have been interesting. And I just can’t wait for the weekend.

┬áBasically, have you ever seen one of those cringe worthy videos about sex education, drugs, bullying that try teach you all about the topics and are really lame and so cheesy its funny? Well ages ago I was one of the main characters in a bullying video, and to be honest it was an amazing experience. The people were great I had three days in which I felt like famous, which may sound stupid but when you’ve only been known as “you” or “them” doing extra work it’s awesome the crew knowing your name and all this extra stuff I won’t go on about. Anyway when doing the video it was really not cheesy at all and when you actually watch it, it’s not a cheesy video. But in my eyes, it is. My college is connected to a secondary school and now this short film I did is being shown to the year nines (super duper mega cringe!!) and now at least six (which may not seem a lot but it feels a lot to me) have recognized me I actually hear them saying “hey, isn’t that the guy from the video … wait, yeah it is! And the reason it’s bothering me so much is I know that I was in their shoes I’d be doing the exact same, and laughing at it. And having that all this week has been odd and cringe worthy and argh!!!

On a final note, Desperate Housewives started up again last night. Loved it! Oh and I feel like I’m going to be sick, yay?